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Garden Installations


Custom garden designs

Your garden is just as much an expression of you as is the interior of your home or business, which is why, we believe that each garden should be customized to fit your tastes. Our design team will come in and work with you to decide which plants best fit your site and, of course, you! We will keep you involved from start to finish. 


Quality materials matter

We only install top quality materials to make sure that your plants have the best start. The plants come from local greenhouses, we use organic bark mulches and  nutrient-rich soil or as one of our clients calls it "yummy dirt" that plants love. This ensures you will have a gorgeous garden year after year. 


Seasonal Color

Freshen up your exterior with bright colorful annuals. We can install them in pots or in garden beds. Annuals add an extra pop of color and make for eye catching curb appeal at your home or business.

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