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Landscape Maintenance


Garden beds


At the beginning of the season beds will need to re-edged and mulched to keep them looking fresh. Plants may need to be replaced or new plants added. We will take care of everything so that your garden is refreshed. We can also take care of your weeding throughout the year.


Keeping up on your landscape

Maintaining a landscape is an ongoing process with different applications needed throughout the year. Every landscape will end up needing to be weeded, pruned and more to keep it maintained. These are all jobs that we can take care of with the proper equipment and knowledge to get the job completed correctly.


shrubs & trees


Shrubs and trees all need pruning to make sure that they stay healthy. It is important to trim and prune at the proper time of the year. Not all shrubs and trees are the same and we make sure to cut the right ones at the right time to ensure that they are not damaged.  We also can take care of any winter damage that may have happened. 


Material delivery & installation

Another large part of landscape maintenance is materials. Check out our materials page for more information on getting materials like mulch and stone delivered and installed click here

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